Here are 10 ways businesses can maximise your customer’s experience to leverage better business in a world now that Covid-19 is here.

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

    There is never a better way to maximise the experience of your customers (they are people) than to give them all the information they may need.Most people will not need to access that information, but it is always significantly less stressful and time-consuming to deal with issues when you can find the information you need or have been told ahead of time.

  2. Clear & realistic expectations

    Managing expectations is a huge part of helping customers have a great experience. If your customer was expecting instant dispatch, but the product is made to order with lead times, they will be no doubt disappointed, even if your team managed to get it out earlier than expected.  Make sure you are clear about the product or services you are providing, what they can and cannot do, and how long they will take to show up/deliver/finish.

  3. Honesty

    When someone last told you that they couldn’t ship something when expected to a situation outside of their control, you knew it wasn’t the personal fault or failing of the person on the phone sharing the message. Your customers will know that in the current environment, a lot of situations are changing hourly, and keeping your customers honestly informed is always better than disappointment and the loss of a customer due to dishonest business practices.

  4. Genuine service

    Hopefully, you have at least one point had the opportunity to experience amazing, genuine service. Care for the outcome and suitability of the solution for your situation, regardless of if that meant a sale from you or not. Serving is an act of respect. Respect for those that without, we would have no business.

  5. Value in underutilised ways

    In the past weeks, we have seen a rise in awareness of subscription services, and online shopping. Things that have existed in some form for some time, but not always utilised to such potential.Is there a service you can provide that allows people to maintain LEAN processes? Ask for suggestions. Add some commonly re-ordered products to an online shopping cart so those that work remotely can order them during hours that suit their needs, and processed in times that suit your team.

  6. Embrace different

    What makes you different from others in your market? What is your unique selling points? It’s these points of difference that make the compelling reason to buy from you over your competitors.

  7. Convenience & care

    Is there something you provide that can be bundled up as a convenience product? What about a maintenance pack, or starter kit? How can you make your processes simpler, smoother and more predictable? Perhaps you have a checklist or did you forget section.

  8. Simple tweaks

    Is there a simple change you can make to your current processes that makes it more appealing to the evolving ways your customers prefer to be served? What are the actual limitations to providing a “no-touch” service (pizza chains are now providing it with a simple extra button on the order form)?

  9. Share & grow

    What successes have you had? Can you use those successes to inspire, encourage and empower others? What growth lessons can you take from those that are at later or earlier stages of pandemic recovery compared to your market? Is there a peer in another industry that you can connect with to share ideas and experiences virtually to keep connected and develop opportunities.

  10. Face to face alternates

    Looking at trends during lockdowns in previous countries, people become hungrier for content and connection. Social distancing, on the other hand, does not have to mean everyone becomes compulsive introverts. There are plenty of great tools that allow for ongoing communication, even impromptu conversations and meaningful chats. Many of which are free or likely already included in some of your company software program licenses.

Final Word

We are all human and should recognise that not everyone copes with change in the same way. If we remember to treat everyone with kindness, the world and business will be a better place.

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