• On Bag Branding

At PromoLollies.co.nz, we offer a range of branding options to help you make a lasting impression with your promotional lollies.

70g & 40g Jet Planes

Our most popular option, the On Bag Print allows you to have your design or message printed directly on the bag. Choose between black or white ink, with no extra charge for artwork setup or changes. You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your brand, while all mandatory regulatory details, such as ingredients and best before date, are printed on the back of the bag.

30g Unbranded Jet Planes

If you prefer to apply your own full-color label or let the treats speak for themselves, our unbranded/plain bags are the perfect choice. These bags come with the necessary legal details printed on the back, including ingredients and best before date.

We are dedicated to providing quality branding solutions for your promotional lollies. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.