Making sure your brand looks good doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, our team will handle most of the effort for you as artwork and setup are at no extra charge for our promotional products.

On-Bag Print is included in the pricing for all of the sizes in our promotional range, and is available in White, or Black. Our system prints on the film, and then the bagging machine puts your product inside.  This same printer writes the ingredient, nutritional, best before and other required regulatory details on the back of the bag, near the seal.

Clear Message

What is the reason for the delightful treat and who is going to get them? What you put on a lolly bag for the parcel receiving team to remind them to reorder or pay the invoice will be very different than the group of families at a child-focused event where making them easy to hand out safely is key.

Find your Logo

Single colour, vector (.ai or .eps) file with fonts and special characters outlined, is best. If all you have is a .pdf that your designer sent you or a full-colour print quality logo, send it, and we will find a way to make it work for you.

Screengrab of highlighted recommended file types
(picture of ideal file formats in windows explorer)

 We do the rest!

That’s it. Once you know what you want, send it our way. Our team will create the design in a format that works well on our machinery and send you back a photo/scan of the print from an actual on-bag printed version (with lollies behind it to see how it will look in real life) for you to approve.

70g & 40g Jet Planes