Q: Can I split my order into more than one type of sweet?

A: Yes, of course! We welcome customers to mix and match their sweet assortment, as long as each item in the mix meets the minimum order requirements of 500 bags per confectionery or design (for the 30g, 40g, and 70g bag sizes) or 250 bags (in the 130g range).

Your pricing applies to the total number of bags ordered.

Q: Can I have more than one colour on the bag design?

A: Our printing process for branded promotional bags means that we can print on the bag in black OR white.

We do not currently offer a full colour label service, but can provide the bags for you “unbranded” should you wish to apply your own label to them.

Q: Can I get something else special ordered?

A: Not at this time. We have carefully focused our product offering to help ensure the best value for you the customer and maintain the best possible prices and service.

Our product mix includes classic New Zealand treat favourites perfect for professional businesses looking for quality, value and ease with simple pricing and no hidden fees.

Q: What is the standard lead time for my order?

A: We have a standard delivery target of 2 working weeks from order confirmation approval by the customer.

These targets apply to New Zealand delivery addresses only.

Q: I want a full-colour label 

A: We offer unbranded bags which are perfect should your campaign require the customisation that can only come from a full-colour label. Unbranded bags and are packed ready for your team to affix the labels you already have when required.

We do not offer services to supply or apply labels to our promotional branded products.

We suggest you may like to use an Avery style label on your office printer/copier if you want small volumes and quick turnaround options with easy setup at a low price per label for your campaign.

Q: What other packaging options are available?

A: At the moment, we only offer a recycle code 5 soft plastic bag.

We are researching other bio-degradable or eco options, but need to weigh up not only the presentation of the finished package and the environmental impact but the suitability for our other factory processes and certification requirements, as well as maintaining the quality of the product over a one-year shelf life. This also needs to be balanced with the cost per piece for businesses to purchase in relation to existing options.

We have an in-house project team that are regularly reviewing the innovations and options that become available and are committed to finding an option that is the best mix of all of the above.

Q: What is your minimum order requirement?

A: For 30g, 40g, & 70g products, our minimum order per design or confectionery is 500 bags.

Larger bags (130g) have a minimum of 250 bags per design or confection.