Looking for something simple and uncluttered? We offer unbranded options for our promotional treats!

Our unbranded/plain bags allow you to decorate your treats with your own custom labels from a print supplier or from your own print in-house solution. All bags come with the required ingredients, nutritional, and other compliance details printed on the back of the bag near the seam. The front of the clear pack is left blank and ready for your special inspiration.

This option is particularly great for small businesses or budgets that don’t have an immediate need for 500 of the same design. Keeping the bag unbranded allows you to use your stock for multiple purposes and delight lots of people without breaking the bank. It is also great for businesses that use the promotional incentives for orders where the item may be drop-shipped direct to the final consumer.

There is no price difference between unbranded and on-bag print options in any of our sizes or products.

We are committed to providing quality branding solutions for your promotional lollies. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Back of party mix bag
  • 130g unbranded jets and partymix pile