Available for our 130g & 300g bag range, full colour labels give a great finished look to your confectionery promotion.

We do the setup for you. There is no charge for artwork setup or changes.

Full-colour labels for our promotional packs are produced onsite and have no extra charges for artwork setup or changes. We use a toner-based printing process on a paper-based sticker which allows flexibility as part of our proofing process and ensures bright & crisp colours* at a cost-effective price. The labels are applied to the promotional bags by hand as our team quality inspects and packages your order for sending.

What Size are the Labels?

We use Sticker Size 18 (45mm High x 63.5mm Wide) or 21 (38.1mm High x 63.5mm Wide).  Pictured is a size 21 sticker on the 130g bags,  and size 8 on the 300g bags.

By special arrangement, Sticker Size 8 (59.2mm High x 85.7mm Wide) may be used on the larger 300g bags.

Corners of all labels are rounded.

Pile of 130g & 300g

How Can I Make My Labels Look Amazing?

There is a 2mm gutter on the Left and Right side of the labels suitable for use as a bleed area on all sticker sizes.

The top and bottom edges of the labels touch each other during the print process. We suggest areas of similar solid colour near the edges of your artwork (especially top and bottom – the long edge) if you want your artwork to have a “full bleed” look.

I Don’t Have An In-House Designer, What Do I Do?

No problem! Send us your logo/artwork & any words/colours you want with it. We will create the artwork for you. And, as always, there is no charge for artwork setup or changes.

What Filetype Is Best To Send My Logo?

Files with the extension .Eps, .Pdf, or .Ai with any special fonts or characters converted to paths is best.

Screengrab of highlighted recommended file types

Suggested files type/quality for labels highlighted

How Do I Keep My Labels Looking Great?

The crisp finish on printed stickers may “crack” with wear, so we recommend that promo bags using full-colour labels are kept in their original packaged box or carefully stowed until ready to use. Experience shows that the packages are opened and consumed fairly quickly after receipt.

Notes regarding colour matching:

* Although we work hard to match colours on a manual/visual basis, our colour printed labels and system are not calibrated to Pantone colour match. We appreciate your understanding. If this is an area of concern for you, we can always supply the bags unbranded,  for you to apply your specific branding requirements, or with a white or black on bag print.