Current customers purchasing again is one of the most valuable business segments available for future sales. Many marketing playbooks will encourage you to track these people through cookies and retargeting advertisements, and no doubt you have seen advertisements for the site you were just browsing following you around on the web.

When you are ready to entice the customer (without putting anything extra on their computer) or even knowing their email address, you can reach decision-makers and decision influencers with every order. Not only can you focus your marketing efforts on customers that are already further down the conversion funnel, but you can use the same experience to increase the customer experience and drive further word of mouth and peer recommendations.

Branded promo treats are a low cost and high perceived customer value way to provide added value and retarget existing customers.

When looking to differentiate yourself in a market where customer experience matters more than ever, our team is here to help you stand out from your market competitors.