As communities return to work, and New Zealand moves through various alert response levels, it becomes hard not to evaluate previous processes to ensure they run as smoothly as possible through various levels of response and with the new ongoing behaviours we all have taken on as part of our new habits and behaviours.  While some shop more online or do increase browsing research at home to allow for less time in stores where required, others are quick to return to locations of “normality” such as retail experiences. local points of interest and activities.

Treats in reception areas is not a new concept, and the use of reciprocity and hosting are still great tools to leverage in your business model, pandemic or not.  As your customers start to re-evaluate what businesses and interactions are let back into their post-COVID world, it is important to maintain your quality customer experience, while also managing the new lessons that were discovered during the lockdown. Using custom branded lollies in the lolly bowl instead of bulk treats you can remind customers of your key messages, create a non-contact opportunity for messaging and incentivise wait times, process or other positive behaviours that are a part of your process.

clear plastic bowl filled with bags of branded promo treats - party mix, jellybeanrs, choc honeycomb, jersey caramels, wine gums, & jet planes

Our food hygiene and quality processes mean that not only can you present your customers with a message of your choosing on the bag, but you can also reinforce your attention to detail, cleanliness and current situational awareness as humanity uses small moments of indulgence as a coping mechanism.

If you are looking to encourage certain behaviours, why not use the bags of treats to remind customers of your click and collect or delivery options? How about your referral program or online review platform of choice, or reminders to book ahead when using a service coming into the busy season? No matter how you are looking to implement sweet incentives in your business, our team is here to help you find the right solution.