Promo Lollies – We have a free photoshop template for that! Mockup what your message will look like or visualise ideas for new campaigns quickly and easily.

Are you rebranding, starting a new business or looking to start using branded promotional treats, but need to run a few possible ideas for on bag artwork? Not sure if you want black or white on bag print? Perhaps you understand photoshop but don’t want to spend ages editing or creating something on your own? How about pitching a new logo to your client, and need a new way to showcase the single colour version or some of the sub-marks?  Our free templates are here to help

Please note that the actual EasyPrint Communicator II handles greyscale, colour variants and imagery differently than photo editing software, and as a result, gradients, colour outputs as textures and other variations will occur. See the On-Bag Print research for more details in this area to help develop the final printed results you desire.

White or black on bag print mockup template in use   On Bag Print Template – white & black options – .psd file

How To Use This Template:
Replace the Smart Object layers of the template design (FoodFlo/Promo Lollies branded artwork) with your artwork. Other layers are locked for ease of use.

The Fine Print:
These are .PSD files that require Adobe Photoshop or another program capable of opening and editing such files.
Should you wish to place an order for branded promotional treats, a separate and actual print sample from the bagger will be produced and provided for customer approval, which will very likely differ slightly from the proof-generator templates linked here, before production can begin. The Artwork Proof supplied with your order is a bagger film sample and representative of actual bagger capacity.
We (FoodFlo International Ltd, its staff, contractors, representatives or partners) are not responsible for your use, computer systems or access to such systems as a result of downloading or opening and or using these files. These templates may be removed, updated or modified by us (FoodFlo International Ltd) at any time. All rights to bag/background imagery in this template remain those of FoodFlo International Ltd. Templates may not be redistributed or sold for re-use without prior permission of FoodFlo International.