Promotional branded confectionery is a delightful way to grow your business and captivate your customers. At Promo Lollies, we understand the power of these amazing products in your marketing mix. Here’s why using branded lollies can make a difference for your brand:

1. Get faster delivery confirmations:

When customers receive their favorite parcels, they eagerly open them. By including branded bags of promotional lollies in your order boxes, you create a lasting impression. Not only does this lead to quicker stock placement and invoice processing, but it also rewards your staff with a sweet treat. A small gesture of thanks can boost your cash flow and leave a lasting memory of your brand.

2. Ensure widespread brand recall and sharing:

When surveyed,  76.2% of respondents could recall the specific promotional product, the advertiser, and the message they received within the past two years. What’s even more impressive is that 83% of respondents said they are more likely to do business with brands they’ve received promotional products from. By incorporating your brand message into our lollies, you increase the chances of being remembered and shared.

3.Show appreciation to customers and employees:

Gratitude goes a long way in building strong relationships. By giving lollies branded with your message, you demonstrate your appreciation for the little things that keep your business running smoothly. Scientifically proven to benefit health and well-being, expressing gratitude is a meaningful gesture that resonates with both customers and employees.

4.Create memorable event experiences:

Promotional products are ideal for sparking conversations and extending the linger time of visitors at your expo booth or event. Our branded bags of lollies not only ensure easy portion control, food handling, and quality, but they also provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with your message before indulging in a sweet delight. By using our lollies, you can make a lasting impression and turn your event presence into a memorable experience.

5. Delight customers with quality flavours they love

At Promo Lollies, we offer a range of genuine NZ favorite confectionery brands, including Party Mix, Jet Planes, Wine Gums, Jelly Beans, and Jersey Caramels. Like you, your customers deserve quality treats. Our lollies evoke nostalgia and the joy of indulging in a delightful snack. Why not make it a treat from your brand?

Discover the power of branded lollies and find out how they can elevate your marketing efforts. Contact us now to get started on creating a memorable brand experience with our high-quality, delicious treats.