Promotional branded confectionery is a great way to delight your customers and grow your business. When you are ready to start using these awesome products in your marketing mix Get in touch and we’ll get you sorted. Need proof? Here are our top 5 reasons for using branded lollies.

1. Get parcels opened and deliveries confirmed quicker

Customers actively seek out and open their favourite parcels. When using branded bags of promotional lollies inside your order boxes, people remember. Open boxes mean stock gets on shelves, invoices get filed for payment and staff are rewarded with a sweet treat for doing so. When you are waiting on payment for an order of hundreds or even thousands dollars, a small token gesture of thanks can make a huge difference not only to your cash flow but the perception and memory of your brand.

2. Ensure your name is remembered & shared

Respondents in a survey were asked to think of a promotional product they’d received in the past two years and to recall the specific product, the advertiser and the message: A whopping 76.2% recalled all three key pieces of information.  Even more resoundingly, 83% said they are more likely to do business with brands they’ve received promotional products from than brands they have not received promotional products from.

3. Remind your Customers and Employees how much they mean to you

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Everyday appreciation is a concept of thanking those for every day and sometimes little things that keep the process running smoothly rather than just on the above and beyond moments. Lollies branded with your message not only show you care and appreciate the little things but showing appreciation and gratitude is scientifically proven to benefit your health!

4. Make your event presence memorable

Promotional products are a great way to encourage conversations and increase the average “linger time” of your visitors at an expo booth or event. Little bags of lollies make sure that portion size, food handling, and quality control are easy. Plus, your branded bags ensure they check out your message before tucking in for a sweet delighter. Food is considered a great and unique way to attract attention to your expo, we take the stress out of it!

You could even “trade” business cards for one of the branded sweet bags. Pure delight, while still ensuring a way to follow up that is seamless and non-intrusive to the conversation.

5. Delight your customers with quality flavours they love

Our Party Mix and Jet Planes are the genuine NZ favourite, Pascall, products. Delicious jelly beans, made in NZ.  Quality licorice allsorts and jersey caramels made locally. Hokey Pokey that is the best in Australasia (*according to Vern, our Production and Development Manager) Just like you, your customers deserve quality. Lollies are a treat, enjoyed by generations of kids at all ages. A delight to our senses and memories. When the time is right to tuck into a snack, why not make sure it is one from you!