There are many great ways and reasons for using branded bags of promotional sweets. Here are six more great ways promo confectionery from FoodFlo International can help make your life easier by handling the little details for you.
  1. Hygiene – By using wrapped sweets, you are ensuring that the items are prepared in a food-safe environment and your recipients have trust in the quality of items from you.
  2. Portion control – There is no effort from your team involved in deciding how much is appropriate, ensuring that every recipient gets the same amount, and therefore a consistent and managed brand experience.
  3. Ease of use –  Simple & Repeatable. Grab one from the box and hand it out. No real effort involved, and more delightful than another pen.
  4. Stock control – items come by the count in a box, so the stock can be managed on a per box or per bag level, helping with forecasting and use. We can also arrange split deliveries if you need stock at more than one location.
  5. Compliance – all ingredients, allergens, and nutritional are included on the bag as per legislation.
  6. Messaging control – You can decide and control the messaging on the packaging, so why they have the treat is not forgotten.
  7. BONUS  – Memorable & Cost-Effective – well-liked flavour favourites for the kiwi taste in mind, and a high personal perceived value with a small investment. Plus there is no charge for artwork setup or changes, so you can mix up your messaging (minimum quantities apply) and laser-target that audience.

6 reasons detail people love promo lollies