Needing some new ideas to sweeten up your marketing? Consider one (or more) of these great places to use branded promotional lollies in 2023 and beyond.
  • Parades/Events/Expos – simple, safe and branded even after they are in the hands of your audience. Offering branded lollies can act as a conversation starter during meetings or trade shows. It provides a chance to engage potential clients in a more relaxed and friendly setting, helping to build rapport and establish positive connections.
  • Office/reception Candy Dish – no worries about boring flavours or favourite colour chasers. Easy to stock, stack, and store. If you have clients or visitors coming to your office, branded promo lollies can leave a lasting impression. It shows that you pay attention to detail and care about providing a pleasant experience for your guests.
  • Travelling Reps & Agents – Easy to store in a glovebox (non-chocolate options) and a great calling card sure to catch attention when doing a route and checking in on your customers. When sales reps and agents distribute these lollies to potential clients or during meetings, it creates a positive brand impression and ensures that the brand is top of mind.
  • Orders Shipped – fits inside most parcels and encourages invoices to get passed on for payment faster when staff race to claim the treats inside. Receiving a small surprise, such as branded lollies, in a shipped order can make the customer feel appreciated and valued. This positive experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction and potentially encourage repeat purchases.
  • Lumpy Mail– in an era of online shopping and emails. A piece of lumpy mail catches the eyes and attention of your prospects, standing out in a way that has not in previous years. lumpy mail offers increased engagement and interaction with the recipient. Unlike digital marketing, which can be easily ignored or deleted, lumpy mail requires a physical action – opening the package or envelope. This act of physically interacting with the mail can establish a connection and build trust between the recipient and the sender’s brand [4]
  • Conversation Starters – have you ever ended up talking to someone much longer because they showed/shared something that made you stop and stare/enjoy? Much like a popular trend, branded lollies make great conversation starters for those that might be on the shy end of the spectrum and encourage customers to ask questions or engage in discussion around objections.
  • Staff Rewards/Incentives – businesses and operations need engaged staff. How about a sweet incentive to show you or others in the team notice the right behaviour? Branded promo lollies can be an effective way to incentivize and reward staff members. Providing branded promo lollies can create a positive image for the company and foster a sense of brand loyalty among employees[1]. Additionally, small incentives such as branded promo lollies can spark motivation, boost morale, and drive productivity in the workplace[2]. According to a study by Warwick University, employees who are happy at work show a 12% increase in productivity compared to those who are not happy, indicating that investing in staff rewards and incentives can pay off in the long run[3].
  • Bonus 8th Idea – A sweet way to show you care – Kick the up the enthusiasm and energy of those around you with a well-timed & targeted message or present your business in a sweet way to your audience with sponsored treats at an industry event or local sponsorships. Including branded lollies can help your business stand out from competitors who may not offer such personalized touches. It demonstrates a commitment to going above and beyond for your customers, potentially giving you a competitive advantage.

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