At FoodFlo, we are mindful of the packaging we use to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, and minimal environmental impact.

We are committed to providing quality branding solutions for your promotional lollies while minimizing our environmental impact, and we are always here to help and answer any questions you may have.

More information on recycling, the various recycle codes for plastic and what is available in your area can be found on the website.

Open Empty Cardboard Box

Cardboard Boxes

We use a variety of paper-based products that our customers already reuse and recycle in their daily activities. Our cardboard boxes have excellent strength for transport and storage and can be easily recycled through curbside or regional programs after they have served their purpose. We’ve heard from our customers that they even find the boxes useful for re-use by family and friends who are moving.

recycle code 5 white proof

Promo Lolly Bags

We also use clear plastic bags, which have a recycle code of 5 Polypropylene (PP). This material can be recycled according to your local recycling regulations and guidelines that you can find on the website.

Blue Pallet in warehouse loaded with multiple mixed shapes of brown boxes

Pallets & Pallet Wrap

Our orders are often sent out on shipping pallets, and where possible, we use CHEP pallets as they are managed and maintained to ensure the best possible resource utilization.

For additional stability of the loads, we use pallet wrap, which can be recycled as well. The wrap has a recycle code of 4, and the top sheets have a recycle code of 2. Our supplier advises that these products are not required to be split before recycling.