Imagine opening up a package and finding a branded bag of sweetness inside.It’s a sweet surprise that’s perfect for promotions, events, or just as a fun treat!

Here’s how we make it happen:

Step 1: Choose Your Lollies

Clients love to send Favourites like Party Mix and Jet Planes, with plenty of options to pick from. Looking for something special? Try a 2 or 3 colour custom mix of jellybeans from our Premium selection.

 Pile of Lollies

Step 2: Select Your Bag Size

Choose from our popular sizes including 40g and 70g, or opt for the smaller 30g or larger 130g bag.

70g & 40g Jet Planes

Step 3: Decide on Your Artwork
We don’t charge for artwork setup or changes, and we want to make sure your message stands out. We print directly on the bag in black or white for all products, or we can provide unbranded bags with the required nutritional and allergen information at the back.

Step 4: Approve Your Order Confirmation
We will print an example from the machine and send it to you for approval before starting the production of your order. We want to ensure that your bag of lollies looks as close as possible to the real thing.

FoodFlo Artwork Proof
FoodFlo Artwork Proof (Black On Bag Print)

Step 5: Production and Delivery
After approval, our production team will begin the bagging and packing process. Your confectionery will be picked and loaded onto our bagging machine. Once the bagging and quality check is done, your order will be packed neatly into boxes and dispatched to arrive when and where you need it.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality promotional lolly bags that delight and engage your target audience.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.