40g is one of the most popular sizes of our branded promo bags.

One of the first questions that people ask is “how much is 40g of lollies?”

We understand that most of you don’t regularly weigh and measure your sweets, and can best relate to “how many” rather than “how much” by weight.

So we are going to help make it easier. We have taken some photos of our more popular products and include them below (along with a set of scales) to help you put some reference to what 40g bag of lollies really looks like.

In our promotional products bagging process, the weigh-head on our buckets (the stainless steel pieces at 0:03 – 0:06 in this video) determine which groups of sweets will make up to the desired amount that has been pre-programmed into the system for the bag size you have ordered. Once the bag is filled and sealed, it is check-weighed (0:18 in the video) and if it is undersized (after taking into account the average weight of the bag plastic) it is removed from the packing line.

Some of our sweets in a 40g size:


Jet Planes on Scale     Jet Planes
Party Mix on Scales     Party Mix
Jelly beans on a scale    Jelly Beans
Jersey Caramels on a scale    Jersey Caramels